Chinese: my hobby

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Classical Chinese is one of my hobbies. If you have studied it yourself, you know that learning it is a never-ending process. But Chinese is its own reward.

The Zhou Li

One of my pet projects has been translating Édouard Biot’s 1851 translation of the Chinese classic The Rites of Zhou, or Zhou Li, which has never been translated into English, probably because, honestly, it’s hard to translate, and because it can seem both boring and incomprehensible unless you read all the commentary. So I’m also translating the Chinese commentary that Biot added as notes to his translation.

If you’re interested, my translation is here. It’s an ongoing project. If you have any comments, please get in touch!

Translations of Sinology articles

Translation of Nicolas Zufferey‘s review of Contre François Jullien, by Jean-François Billeter. The original review was published by EHESS. You can find the original here in JSTOR.

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